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Core Services

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Our Core Services:


CRI provides Individual Advocacy which is one-on-one advocacy in support of individuals with disabilities.  We provide the services and supports necessary to assist people with disabilities in overcoming barriers.

Through Systems Advocacy, CRI also advocates for the civil and human rights of people with disabilities by helping to change policies and priorities on the local, state and federal levels. Staff actively participate in consumer groups and are available to provide consultation and assistance for legislative and community civil rights and accessibility concerns.

Information and Referral 

CRI’s center for Independent Living staff provides information on a wide variety of issues related to helping people with disabilities live more independently. For those we are unable to assist directly, we make referrals to other agencies in our network to assist in gaining independence.

Independent Living Skills

The Independent Living Skills Program is designed to help people with disabilities make the most of their abilities and increase self-reliance and self-confidence.We can help you take control of your life in order to live independently through trainings, resources, and information.

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Peer Support & Counseling 

Peer support is a self-help support service in which a person with a disability assists other people with disabilities to manage, remove or cope with their barriers.

CRI also holds monthly Enabled Living and Consumer Wellness meetings at which all consumers are welcome to share their experiences and participate in activities that promote peer relationships.

Transition Services

CRI facilitates the transition of people with disabilities:

  • From nursing homes and other institutions to home and community-based living
  • Provides assistance to those at risk of entering an institution 
  • Facilitates the transition of youth with disabilities into higher education, the workforce, and the community.