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Private Pay

Home. It’s where we’d all rather be.

For many people, a disability may mean the likelihood of hospitalization and nursing home placement. Many would prefer to remain in or return to their own homes and communities where they are comfortable. With a helping hand, many people can stay in their homes. We provide that helping hand.

Our goal is to enable independence.

With decades of experience providing in-home care services, CRI can help with your or your loved one’s personal care needs. Our personal care and homemaker services may be just the help needed to avoid unnecessary time in a nursing home or hospital. 

CRI’s Private Pay service assists with activities of daily living, which are those activities needed to maintain an independent body, such as assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing and feeding. CRI also assist with home support services to foster an independent home environment, such as light housekeeping, cooking and laundry. In short, we can help with those things a person would have done for themselves to maintain their independence, were it not for their disability. 


  • Develop a plan of care and a schedule with the participant
  • Provide trained, skilled and supervised direct care workers. We train our staff. We screen the qualifications and backgrounds of all our direct care workers. We supervise our staff.
  • Arrange for back-up direct care workers
  • Have on-call supervisory staff available 24/7
  • Have in-the field mentors to train and support our clients and workers.

Allow CRI’s years of experience to help with your independence. Independence is our name.


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If you are ready to have a helping hand but are unsure of where to begin, our Care Reps can help you build a program that works for you and your unique needs. To schedule a teleconference or in-person consultation, please call or complete the form.

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