Serving Veterans

Serving Our Veterans 

Our nation’s veterans served in the name of freedom and independence. For those veterans with disabilities, now it’s our turn to serve them in support of their independence.

Community Resources for Independence is partnered with the Veterans Administration to provide in-home supports, enabling our disabled veterans to remain in their homes rather than receiving supports in hospitals or nursing facility setting. CRI is credentialed in the Optum Community Care Network and is contracted via Veterans Care Agreements with the VA systems.

CRI’s Veteran Services assist with activities of daily living, which are those activities needed to maintain an independent body, such as assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing and feeding. CRI also assists with home support services to foster an independent home environment, such as light housekeeping, cooking and laundry. In short, we can help with those things a veteran would have done for themselves to maintain their independence, were it not for their disability.

Feel free to contact our Information and Referral specialists for information on this service and how CRI can help you with your goal of independence. Please contact your Veterans Administrative Service Coordinator at your local VA center to further explore the services you may be eligible to receive and the enrollment process.

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