RIM-AU Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament Summary

Heather Smith - Monday, January 30, 2012

Seventeen teams competed in the 3rd Annual RIM-AU Invitational Wheelchair Basketball Tournament on January 14-15, 2012, at the City of Southfield Beech Woods Recreation Center.  Thirteen teams competed in the Men’s Division III and 4 in the Junior Division.  With the exception of the teams from Grand Rapids who were only available for 2 games each, each DIII team played 5 games; the remaining Junior teams played 3-4 games each, with an opportunity to all play each other.   Each team completed a ballot for All Tournament Teams and Denver Branum MVP Awards, teams were not allowed to vote for players on their own teams.  Tournament ranking was determined according to win-loss record.  In the event of a tie, head-to-head comparison was considered; if teams played each other, then the total number of points scored across all games was compared.


Men’s Division III

Teams included:  Detroit Diehards, Bay City Thunder & Lightning, Cleveland Cavaliers, Chicago Fire, Wisconsin Thunder, Music City Lightning, Turnstone Bandits, Pittsburgh Steelwheelers, Grand Rapids Pacers, Motor City Firestorm, Forest City Flyers, Moraine Minutemen, and Kentwood Rollers.

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