Heather Smith - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This weekend marked the 2010 Boro Shootout at Edinboro University.  Six teams faced off Saturday and Sunday in a gracious attempt to become the next Boro Shootout Champions.  The tournament was host to a diverse field; ages, backgrounds, abilities, and genders were all over the map with respect to the competing teams.  The tournament was sure worth it to watch.

After our very own Bay City Thunder and Lightening suffered a tough loss in game 1, they bounced back in games 2 & 3.

Enthusiasm was illustrated on both sides of the court throughout the entire tournament.  Communication was by far the key to success for
Bay City's wins in games 2 & 3.  The lines of communication were open between everyone on the team as their unsurpassed passing abilities dominated the courts, especially those of Jay Shuffstall, Tommy Markley, and Matthew Lopez. 

The patience of Ed Mellott and Joe Jaroni turned crucial plays into points on the board for
Bay City, dominating the second half of games 2 & 3.

Any sports fanatic knows defense wins games.  Key defensive players, Lincoln Jamison and Ed Kulesa held their own pulling down rebound after rebound and illustrating their impenetrable blocking abilities throughout the entire tournament.

The speed of Jay Shuffstall, Tommy Markley, and Joe Jaroni lead
Bay City to a win in the finals against the Edinboro Women's team.  The guys lit up the courts in the finals beating Edinboro 34-13.

We all have our own passions, for each of us it's something different.  But, for the guys of Bay City Thunder and Lightening their passion is basketball. 
Mark Fitch, a coach with Bay City, said "it's amazing to watch these guys play.  They do it all for the love of the game and it's just a wonderful thing to watch.  These guys just make being part of it all worthwhile."

The spirit of CRI shined through the Bay City Thunder and Lightening throughout the entire tournament. 
Bay City finished 3-2 and took fifth place in the 2010 Boro Shootout


Bay City Thunder and Lightening

2010 Boro Shootout Standings

Finished: 5th Place

Game 1:

Air Capital


Bay City 


Game 2:

Bay City 




Game 3:

Bay City




Game 4:



Bay City


Game 5:

Bay City





Want to Play?  Bay City Thunder and Lightening is sponsored by Community Resources for Independence and they are always looking for new team members.  If you are interested in playing, please contact CRI's Erie Office @ 814-838-7222 or toll free 1-800-530-5541.

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