Recruitment Helping CRI Grow!

Heather Smith - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Over the past few weeks CRI team members have taken a strong action in recruitment of new staff.  Statewide recruiters have been searching the masses for enthusiastic qualified individuals to join our team.    

November 8-12 marked Health Careers Week 2010. Health Careers Week is part of Governor Rendell's strategy to encourage Pennsylvania's youth to pursue careers in health care. As part of Health Careers Week 2010, CRI representatives have helped individuals explore hands-on career exhibits and talked to people who are pursuing or practicing careers in Pennsylvania's health care industry. 

CRI participated in a Health Career Fair at the Towanda Junior/Senior High School. The Fair was held on Tuesday, November 9th from 8:30 to 11 AM several hundred students from grades 9-12 attended.   CRI also participated in a Health Career Fair at the Pennsylvania College of Technology North Campus on Wednesday, November 10th from 9:00 to 11:30 AM.  Students from 10 schools in Tioga County who had an interest in Health Careers attended.   As well as exposing the students to different career paths, they also were introduced to the many health care providers in the area. 

Recruiters have also been working with various PA CareerLink events attending several Health Care Job Fairs recently throughout the entire state.  Kim Headings and David Lantz recently took part in a Health Care Job Fair at CareerLink in Selinsgrove, Snyder County (see the photos below).


The persistence of capturing new talent is paying off for CRI as there have been several new hires statewide.  Please welcome to the CRI family the following individuals …

Anne Welch (PCA)
Brandi Speck (PCA) 
Chandra Merriam (PCA)
Chrishela Williams (PCA)
Colleen Degand (PCA)
Crystal Mitchell (PCA)
Cynthia Duncan (Recruiter Hermitage/Oil City)
Debra Meyer (PCA)
Donna Yeaton (PCA)
Hellen Austin (PCA)
Jessi Stallman (PCA)
Kathleen Simmons (PCA)
Kayla Fulginiti (PCA)
Kellie Milligan (PCA)
Kimberly Graves (PCA)
Latoya Jefferson (PCA)
LeeAnn Naylor (PCA)
Linda Donaldson (PCA)
Lisa Gorton (PCA)
Mary Deaner (PCA)
Maureen Hughes (F/EA Enrollment Agent Wellsboro)
Michele White (PCA)
Michelle Minnis (PCA)
Nicole Maines (PCA)
Oesya Evans (PCA)
Samantha Wilson (PCA)
Sherry McCauley (PCA)
Skylee Roach (PCA)
Tambra McAuliffe (PCA) 
Tawnya Cordwell (PCA)

For more information or for employment contact a local office near you!

Gobble Gobble! It's Turkey Time!

Heather Smith - Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Thanksgiving holiday is just days away.  The turkey is the best part of Thanksgiving everyone knows that, but I'm sure some of you are still trying to hash out the rest of the menu for your holiday feast.  Or perhaps you're mapping out your attack route for black Friday to catch all the sweetest sales and offers for the holiday season.  Whatever it may be the anticipation of the holiday season is growing full force. 

The smell of pumpkin spices brought the feeling of the holidays rushing to the surface for many today at our Annual November Birthday/Thanksgiving Luncheon.  The luncheon was an opportunity to take a break out of our hectic schedules to celebrate those with birthdays throughout the month of November.    


"Age is something that doesn’t

matter, unless you are a cheese".

Happy Birthday Everyone!


Be sure to remember this season that Thanksgiving is a time to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends.   That is why we at CRI would like to thank everyone for their hard work day in and day out in making CRI successful.  We would also like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.  
And as always a special thanks to our Birthday Committee for making the November Thanksgiving Luncheon a success. 





A Commitment to Our Country

Heather Smith - Friday, November 12, 2010

The Veterans Day Holiday is celebrated to honor those who served our country and to remember those who sacrificed their lives to achieve peace and equality for our nation.   

“It is easy to take liberty for granted, when you have never had it taken from you.” -Dick Cheney

Yesterday, November 11, 2010 marked the Veterans Day holiday.  In the Erie Office personal took the time to honor our veterans, active personnel, as well as the families of those who fought for our country.  Erie staff honored these individuals in a small ceremony yesterday morning. 


We would like to extend a thank you to all those individuals within the CRI family as well as our community for the dedication and protection they provide us with through their everyday commitment to our country.

Personal Care Workers Needed! Apply Today!

Heather Smith - Wednesday, November 10, 2010
One of the fastest growing employment needs in Pennsylvania is the position of Personal Care Attendant (PCA). Since the advent of Home- and Community-Based Waiver programs, designed to enable people with disabilities to remain in their own homes rather than long term care facilities, the demand for skilled personal care workers has tripled in the last few years. PCA's play a crucial role in the growth of independent living services, as well as CRI.  These skilled individuals provide consumers the means to maintain and achieve independence in their own home setting.

Currently, there is a desperate need for Personal Care Workers.  Interested in joining the CRI Family?  Become a Personal Care Attendant the benefits are endless. 
  • 401K
  • Profit Sharing
  • Perfect Attendance Rewards
  • Longevity Bonuses
  • +/- Points System  
  • Much More
Meet all of our new PCA's that are taking advantage of all the opportunities CRI has to offer.  Listed below is a listing of all PCA's hired as of November 1, 2010.
  • Samantha Wilson – Erie
  • Lisa Gorton – Erie
  • Brandi Speck – Lewisburg
  • Tambra McAuliffe – Lewisburg
  • Kellie Milligan – Wellsboro
  • Hellen Austin – Wellsboro
  • Debra Meyer – Clarion
  • Linda Donaldson – Clarion
  • Kathleen Simmons – Wellsboro
  • Kimberly Graves – Warren
Are you already a PCA?  Don’t forget about our referral incentives!  How does an extra $120 in your pocket sound?  Be sure to ask your supervisor for all the details pertaining to the referral incentives today!

Going to be in the Shamokin, Northumberland County area?  Swing by the Health Care Job Fair at the PA CareerLink in Shamokin from 10:00AM-2:00PM on Friday, November 12.

Open Interviews are held every Tuesday from 9AM to 12PM & every Thursday from 1PM to 4PM at the Erie Office.  The Erie Office is located at 3410 West 12th Street, Erie, PA 16505 or call 814-838-7222 for more information.

Assistive Technology Awareness Month - November 2010

Heather Smith - Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November 2010 highlights Assistive Technology Awareness Month.

Assistive Technology is an umbrella term for any device or system that allows improved functional independence for a person with a disability. Here in Pennsylvania we offer Pennsylvania's Initiative on Assistive Technology, also known as PIAT.  PIAT promotes independence, access and inclusion at home and in the community for all individuals with disabilities.   

PIAT is a statewide program whose goal is to assure a system of easy access to AT to all Pennsylvanians with disabilities. This includes access to information, devices, services, and funding. PIAT is a program for individuals with disabilities, regardless of age, disability type, location or type of residence. Most services are provided at no cost to consumers with disabilities, their family members and advocates.

To read Governor Edward G. Randell's Proclamation of November 2010 as Assistive Technology Awareness Month click here!  The importance of Assistive Technology is evident.  Every individual is encouraged to become aware of the many benefits offered by Assistive Technology with regards to the health, happiness, and independence in each of our communities.

Community Resources for Independence is one of PIAT’s Assistive Technology Resource Centers (ATRCs) and serves Clarion, Crawford, Elk, Erie, Forest, Jefferson, McKean, Mercer, Venango, and Warren counties.

Governor Edward G. Randell's Assistive Technology Awareness Month Proclamation

For more information contact:
                        Gregory W. Staub, M.A.
                        Assistive Technology Resource Coordinator, CRI, Inc.
                        Phone: 814-838-7222 or 800-530-5541

For Text Only Version of Proclamamtion Click Here


Heather Smith - Tuesday, November 09, 2010

This weekend marked the 2010 Boro Shootout at Edinboro University.  Six teams faced off Saturday and Sunday in a gracious attempt to become the next Boro Shootout Champions.  The tournament was host to a diverse field; ages, backgrounds, abilities, and genders were all over the map with respect to the competing teams.  The tournament was sure worth it to watch.

After our very own Bay City Thunder and Lightening suffered a tough loss in game 1, they bounced back in games 2 & 3.

Enthusiasm was illustrated on both sides of the court throughout the entire tournament.  Communication was by far the key to success for
Bay City's wins in games 2 & 3.  The lines of communication were open between everyone on the team as their unsurpassed passing abilities dominated the courts, especially those of Jay Shuffstall, Tommy Markley, and Matthew Lopez. 

The patience of Ed Mellott and Joe Jaroni turned crucial plays into points on the board for
Bay City, dominating the second half of games 2 & 3.

Any sports fanatic knows defense wins games.  Key defensive players, Lincoln Jamison and Ed Kulesa held their own pulling down rebound after rebound and illustrating their impenetrable blocking abilities throughout the entire tournament.

The speed of Jay Shuffstall, Tommy Markley, and Joe Jaroni lead
Bay City to a win in the finals against the Edinboro Women's team.  The guys lit up the courts in the finals beating Edinboro 34-13.

We all have our own passions, for each of us it's something different.  But, for the guys of Bay City Thunder and Lightening their passion is basketball. 
Mark Fitch, a coach with Bay City, said "it's amazing to watch these guys play.  They do it all for the love of the game and it's just a wonderful thing to watch.  These guys just make being part of it all worthwhile."

The spirit of CRI shined through the Bay City Thunder and Lightening throughout the entire tournament. 
Bay City finished 3-2 and took fifth place in the 2010 Boro Shootout


Bay City Thunder and Lightening

2010 Boro Shootout Standings

Finished: 5th Place

Game 1:

Air Capital


Bay City 


Game 2:

Bay City 




Game 3:

Bay City




Game 4:



Bay City


Game 5:

Bay City





Want to Play?  Bay City Thunder and Lightening is sponsored by Community Resources for Independence and they are always looking for new team members.  If you are interested in playing, please contact CRI's Erie Office @ 814-838-7222 or toll free 1-800-530-5541.

2010 Boro Shootout

Heather Smith - Thursday, November 04, 2010
The 2010 Boro Shootout is set to kick of Saturday, Novemeber 6, 2010 at Edinboro University.  Don't forget to come out and support our very own Bay City Thunder and Lightening!!!

McComb Fieldhouse @ 455 Scotland Road, Edinboro, PA 16444 

2010 Boro Shootout


Dome Court - 1

Dome Court - 2

8:00 AM 1/6/2010 EUP (men) vs. Charlottesville Bay City vs. Air Capital
9:45 AM 1/6/2010 London vs. EUP (men) Air Capital vs. EUP (women)
11:30 AM 1/6/2010 Charlottesville vs. London Bay City vs. EUP (women)
2:30 PM 1/6/2010 EUP (men) vs. Air Capital London vs. EUP (women)
5:45 PM 1/6/2010 Charlottesville vs. Air Capital EUP (women) vs. Bay City
8:00 PM 1/6/2010 EUP (men) vs. Charlottesville Bay City vs. London

McComb Main Court

McComb Side Court

9:00 AM 1/7/2010  Seed #1 vs. Seed #4 (Semi 1)  Seed #2 vs. Seed #3 (Semi 2)
10:45 AM 1/7/2010  Seed #5 vs. Seed #6  
12:00 PM 1/7/2010  Finals (Winners of 9AM games)  

Community Resources for Independence Turns 20

Heather Smith - Thursday, November 04, 2010

The year 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Community Resources for Independence.  On October 26, 2010, CRI held their 20th Anniversary Awards Luncheon & Annual Board Meeting at the Ambassador Banquet & Conference Center in Erie, PA. During the celebration, CRI was delighted to recognize individuals, businesses, and organizations that have shown exemplary efforts to amplify full participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.  The winners of these prestigious awards represent many people in our community working, sometimes quietly and unnoticed, in support of people with disabilities.


The astounding individuals that exemplify the mission and visions of CRI were chosen as winners in the following categories:


Board Member Recognition Awards (20 Years of Service)

Timothy Doyle

Andrew Glass

Theodore Koenig

Daniel Shuffstall


Spirit of Community Resources for Independence Awards

Joe Gilkinson

Jill Hrinda-Patton

Paul McCommons

Doug Yaple

Joe Sherosky

Presque Isle Rehab Technologies – Jim Noland

Tina Schiefelbein

Erie Community Foundtation – Michael L. Batchelor

Mayor Joseph E. Sinnott

Karen Moski


Staff Recognition (Over 20 Years of Service)

Timothy J. Finegan

William G. Essigmann

Thomas A. Pushchak


Community Resources for Independence Board Members

Karen Benson

Cynthia Carter

Gregory Fisher

Kenneth Kessler

Gerald Kimmel

Nancy Makay

David Rhodes


Personal Care Attendants (Over 20 Years of Service)

Pamela L. Corkins (Lewistown)

Debra L Collins (Lewistown)


Office Staff (Over 15 Years of Service)

Martin M. Pushchak

Gloria A. O'Handley

Roseanna M. Wayne

Beverly Davis-Migliaccio

Deborah N. Zahler


Personal Care Attendants (Over 15 Years of Service)

Joan C. Peck

Patrice J. Hanford


Community Resources for Independence would like to recognize not only our award winners, but our entire staff as well.  Without the dedication of each individual these 20 years would not have been possible. 

Wheelchair Basketball Game to Benefit United Cerebral Palsy

Todd Fabrizi - Monday, April 12, 2010
Bay City Thunder & Lightning will be playing a Wheelchair Basketball Game against Conneaut Valley High School (CVHS) Students and Faculty to benefit United Cerebral Palsy.

The game will be held Friday, April 23rd at 6:30 PM in the Conneaut Valley High School Gym. Bay City Thunder & Lightning -vs- CVHS Students and Faculty - $5.00 Adults and $3.00 Children.

Come out and support a worthy cause!

Stop the Cuts to Pennsylvanian’s WHO CAN AFFORD IT THE LEAST!

Todd Fabrizi - Monday, March 29, 2010
People with Disabilities and older Pennsylvanian’s will face cuts to their State Supplemental Payments (SSP) unless we make the Legislature act now.

  • In the state of PA alone, there are 345,000 people who receive SSP, and it is usually those who are elderly and those with disabilities, struggling to live in the community. Of this number, 67,000 are children and many with disabilities. 
  • Single Recipient’s receive a maximum $674 federal benefit; couples receive $1011/monthy. Until now, PA provided State Supplemental Payment of $27.40 month/single, $43.70 month/couple. The cuts reduce that by $5.30/single, $10.40/double.

The State has already begun the process of cutting into that supplement, and people have already begun the process of wondering how long they can hold on in the community. The cuts amount to $5.40/single and $10/couple and while that may not seem like much, to these recipients it will mean the difference between one dinner meal, one bus trip to a grocery store or to a child’s school event.

You are requested to contact (call, email, write) your state legislator to urge them to reinstate the SSP. Click HERE for a flyer with additional information.

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